Simon Duquennoy


Simon Duquennoy

Builder of the Internet of Things.

I work as a Product manager (and hacker!) at Wittra. I'm responsible for the embedded wireless IoT team. We build an amazing product line with unified IoT technologies (Wi-SUN and Mioty), capable of sensing and tracking, extendable with third-party click-on sensor elements. We deploy networks with thousands of battery-powred devices, combining mesh networking and frequency hopping. Just go check it out!

Before my career in industry, I was a researcher at RISE SICS and Inria. You can find details on my academic achievements and my publications.

I'm a co-founder and maintainer of Contiki-NG, an open-source OS for Next Generation IoT systems.

I'm passionate about buiding reliable distributed systems and will always chase one more "9" in uptime and packet delivery!

Page last updated on February 08, 2024